Video interview with +44

Click here to view two videos of an interview with Mark Hoppus and Shane Gallagher about +44, blink-182 and Tom DeLonge.

Mark and Travis recording a new song

it turns out i wasn’t able to make it to barcelona this week, as travis and i were called back into the studio to record a song for a movie. more details on that later on.
- Hi My Name Is Mark
he was recording a cover of the Adolescents' "Amoeba" with former Blink partner — and (+44) bandmate — Mark Hoppus for inclusion on an upcoming Vans Warped Tour compilation.

Online guitar lessons by Craig

Greetings Humans,

As some of you may know I've been offering guitar lessons in Orange County the past month or so. Due to high demand from people that can't make it to Los Angeles, I've decided to offer guitar lessons online. I gave my first lesson online yesterday and it totally worked! All you need is a webcam, headphones, a decent internet connection, and a guitar :)

If you're interested and would like more details, you can contact Katerena at Teach Me To Shred is a new company I'm working with. Our goal is to offer lessons from "career" musicians, people that have experience playing in bands. People that can offer you much more than your local music teacher that may have never even graced a stage. Beyond giving guitar lessons, we hope to take the company to a level where the proceeds can go to charitable causes to save the arts and music in a society that increasingly puts less emphasis on the importance of art and music.

Be well,
- Craig Fairbaugh MySpace

+44 on tour

According to a post of Craig Fairbaugh on his MySpace, +44 is going on World tour next week.

+44 in 99X Live-X 12

A live version of "When Your Heart Stops Beating" is featured in 99X Live-X 12. More...

To Anyone Who Questioned Or Doubted

here’s a photo from yesterday of me signing on the contract with interscope records for us to record the next +44 album. now everyone else is signing it, and it’ll be all set and going. hopefully this will put any “band break up” rumors to rest. craig always has and always will have mercy killers, travis always has and always will produce and collaborate with other artists, i always have and always will produce other bands and write music for other projects, and shane always has and always will do whatever it is that shane does. but we are all coming back together to do what we all truly love: playing as a band. right now we’re in the process of writing and recording songs that will develop into an album. we’re not rushing it, and we’re not lagging. we’re making an album. our way. cool. i hope that sets it all straight. thanks to all of you who support +44.
To Anyone Who Questioned Or Doubted
- Hi My Name Is Mark

Craig about +44

Lastly, just to quell all the anxious fans of +44. Yes, Shane is playing guitar with MERCY KILLERS now, in *addition* to +44. Shane playing guitar with us affects nothing in regards to +44. As we have time off to write a new 44 record, I like to keep busy and play with MERCY KILLERS. And now we have another member pulling double duty with both bands, in Shane.
- Craig Fairbaugh MySpace Bulletin

Vote for +44 at the Latin VMA

Go here to vote for +44 as "Best New International Band" ("Mejor Artista Nuevo International") at MTV Latin Video Music Awards.

+44 cancel Carling Reading and Leeds appearance

Former Blink 182 band cancel due to studio commitments

+44 have cancelled their appearance at Carling Weekend: Reading And Leeds Festivals.

The band are also cancelling their upcoming European tour dates to focus on the follow up to their debut 'When Your Heart Stops Beating'.

In a statement the band said: "We want to start writing new songs and we are really excited about the direction we have planned".

"So we're going into the studio instead of playing these few dates. We hope our fans will forgive us for the cancellation; in the end, this will make for an even better live show when we come back."

The band were also due to play London, Wolverhampton, Bristol and Leeds ahead of their festival appearance.

155 Video

while we were on tour this summer, our friend haven came out on the road and created this video for 155. check it out.
- Hi My Name Is Mark

+44's European dates cancelled

back to +44, we’re all really bummed that we can’t go to europe for the festivals and shows over there this summer. we were all looking forward to the tour. we’ll be back soon.
- Hi My Name Is Mark

+44's AOL Sessions EP on iTunes

Click here to download the AOL Session EP of +44 on iTunes.
  1. When Your Heart Stops Beating (Live)
  2. Lycanthrope (Live)
  3. Baby Come On (Live)
  4. Little Death (Live) [Chris Holmes Remix]

Idiot Pilot's "Wolves"

The new album of Idiot Pilot "Wolves" will be released on 21st August. This album was co-produced by Mark Hoppus and features Travis Barker playing drums on the second track, "Elephant". Click here to go to their official website and here to check out their MySpace page.