TTSA Talks Podcast #4: The 2021 Intelligence Authorization Act Request for a UAP Task Force

In the fourth episode of the TTSA Talks Podcast, Tom DeLonge, Chris Mellon and Luis Elizondo engage in a captivating conversation about The Intelligence Authorization Act for 2021 that the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence recently introduced, which includes an official public request for a UAP Task Force and an unclassified UAP report. Episode four will explore an analysis of what the legislation means if passed, who is accountable for the report, the difference with AATIP, how Special Access Programs work and an explanation of the UAP threat narrative.


John Feldmann On New blink-182 Music: “[They’ve] Definitely Been Getting In Touch With Their Roots”

The band has definitely been getting in touch with their roots. The songs we have been working on have been super classic blink and I can’t be more excited. With Nine the band wanted to experiment with a bunch of different sounds and programming and push the envelope forwards. They didn’t just want to remake California which I totally understand as artists not wanting to just redo an album that was so successful for them.

Nine was a really experimental record and I’m really proud to have been a part of that album. I think with whatever is going to come next is definitely more roots for them.


Tom DeLonge On Hearing Someone Impersonate Him For The First Time and His Biggest Weakness

Admit it. You know you've done it. Anyone who has ever heard Tom DeLonge belt out his distinct So-Cal snarl on an Angels And Airwaves, Boxcar Racer or old school blink-182 track has tried to imitate his vocal delivery. In this APTV exclusive interview, Tom DeLonge recalls the first time he heard his signature "Where are yeeeeew?!?!" sung to him and reveals the pop-punk legend who he's been trying to sound like over the course of his career.

DeLonge also discusses the modern post-punk band that he and Travis Barker fully backed, divulges what he considers to be his greatest weakness and opens up (as much as he's legally permitted to) about his ongoing pursuit to make a connection with extraterrestrial lifeforms.