Matt Skiba - Home Is Such A Lonely Place

This is one of my favorite video projects I’ve ever worked on. It’s fun as both a cast member and to see the beauty of the cuts and edits of such gorgeous and with such an “at-home, saying goodbye” video. It’s fun to see my bandmates in a light I’ve never seen them. I think it turned out beautifully.

Matt Skiba


Producer Mark Trombino recalls the sessions for blink-182's "Dude Ranch"

The first words uttered on Blink-182’s second full-length LP, 1997's Dude Ranch, are spit out with a self-protective speed. “I know I’m pathetic / I knew when she said it,” bassist Mark Hoppus hisses. His partner in crime, guitarist Tom DeLonge, chimes in with his own sad-sack line before Hoppus can take a breath: “A loser, a bum’s what she called me when I drove her home.” They share in the inadequacy. It’s the self-deprecating Beavis and Butt-Head dynamic of a certain kind of friendship, two pop-punk delinquents managing to laugh at how much they’re always fucking up, and how they’re probably the last people you’d ever want to date.

blink-182 move the show in Manchester on 14th July 2017

Following last month’s tragic incident, and the subsequent temporary closure of the main area outside the venue, Manchester Arena has no other option than to cancel Blink-182’s forthcoming concert on Friday 14 July.

We apologise for not being able to stage this event and for the inconvenience caused to Blink-182’s Manchester fans.

The promoters have urged fans keep hold of their tickets while they discuss suitable alternatives with the band.

Fans will be contacted by their respective ticket agents with more information as soon as they have it. Please also keep an eye on Blink-182’s social accounts for more information.


Tom DeLonge announces lead actors for Strange Times

Multi-platinum-selling artist and bestselling author TOM DELONGE has cast the lead roles for his upcoming feature film, STRANGE TIMES. Produced by DeLonge’s multi-media company, To the Stars and partners The Cartel and Striker Entertainment, the film is based on DeLonge’s STRANGE TIMES franchise about a group of rebellious San Diego skateboarders who take it upon themselves to investigate their town’s paranormal activity and wind up embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. Jack Samson (‘Zodiac’) has signed on to play the part of Charlie Wilkens and Lizze Broadway (“Bones,” “Chicago PD”) will take the role of Alli.

“There were more than 3000 casting submissions for the film, but Jack and Lizze immediately stood out,” says DeLonge, who will also serve as the film’s director. “They’re incredibly talented actors who each bring a unique energy and perspective to the film. We were blown away watching them bring Charlie and Alli to life.”