"Cathedrals of Glass: Valkrys Wakes" will be released in 2019

In September the second Sekret Machines novel, A Fire Within by me and Tom DeLonge came out and was launched by a special event in California which, alas, I couldn’t attend due to the hurricane activity in North Carolina. To The Stars, the media company which publishes the series will release the second of my Cathedrals of Glass scifi series, Valkrys Wakes, in 2019. The story follows Sola and the other survivors of the ship which crashed on the frozen moon en route to a reeducation facility, picking up three months after the first book, Planet of Blood and Ice concluded. A special advance edition will be available from To The Stars in mid January with the trade edition scheduled for September. I’ll post cover art as soon as I have it.

Tom DeLonge won't be onstage with blink-182 at Las Vegas residency

Turn the lights off ... we're told the rumored Blink-182 reunion is NOT happening, despite some heavy social media speculation.

Drummer Travis Barker and former Blink singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge got the rumor mill turning Thursday with this playful Twitter exchange ... but sources close to the band tell us Travis and Tom were just trolling each other, and they don't wanna mislead their fans, who were all just unsuspecting victims for a few hours.

We're told Travis and Tom privately communicate all the time, and this was just fans seeing their relationship on social media.