Mark Hoppus Q&A on Instagram: blink-182 European tour in the summer 2020 and new Simple Creatures EP in the late summer/early fall

Hello it&rsquo;s Mark I&rsquo;m drinking coffee and will answer your questions for the next 15 minutes what you got?<br /><br />That&rsquo;s 15 minutes! Thanks for the questions!

Hello it’s Mark I’m drinking coffee and will answer your questions for the next 15 minutes what you got?

That’s 15 minutes! Thanks for the questions!

Will there ever be a UK hi my name is Mark web store ?
we would love it.
Will blink come to Belfast?
we’re looking at a European tour next summer. Hopefully we’ll see you in Belfast.
How long is the blink set gonna be this summer, aside from Enema being played?
about the same as we’ve always played 75-90 minutes.
Play anything cool at E3?
Luigi’s Mansion 3 is rad.
Favorite bass to play on tour and why?!
My @craola bass is the best I’ve ever played.
What was the last book you read?
I’m halfway through The Spy and the Traitor and it’s great.
Do we get any Matt heavy songs on the new album??
If I write you a letter and bring it to a meet and greet will you read it?
how do you like your coffee?
almond milk and one sugar.
What is your favorite thing to do at Disneyland?
Haunted Mansion
Will there be more simple creatures shows this year?
we’re looking at a US tour in the fall
Now that GoT is over, what will you watch?
I watched Chernobyl and it was amazing/heartbreaking
Did One Little Lie make the new SC EP? Such a banger
yes absolutely
hey Mark, big blink collector and I’ve documented the band’s autographs over the years. Yours changed briefly in ~2002 and I’ve always wondered why? Was a weird “MH” with a star...?
I don’t know what that was all about. Just trying to do something different I guess.
Will the second simple creatures ep come out this year?
yes, in the late summer/early fall
Will you play I Miss You on this tour?
Flight, invisibility or super strength??
flight for SURE.
Whatever happened to the song "Not for real" that you were writing years ago?
it’s sitting on a hard drive somewhere.

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