Mark Hoppus - Just What I Needed (The Cars cover)

A couple years ago, I was asked to record a creepy cover of Just What I Needed for a tv show. They wanted moody and strange, dark, and drony, with space for dialogue to go over it. I went into the studio with my friend James Ingram and this is what we came up with. The show was cancelled so quickly the episode never aired, but if you can imagine a grim and grizzled detective determinedly working a murder case that shook them to the very core of their being, this is the music the show requested. It’s been sitting on a hard drive ever since, and with the sad news of Ric Ocasek’s passing, I thought I’d put it up here. Enjoy it. And go listen to The Cars.

Mark Hoppus


The Daily Princetonian Q&A with Mark Hoppus

As the co-lead vocalist and bassist for Blink-182, Mark Hoppus has played an integral role in shaping the pop punk music genre with hit songs like “All the Small Things” and “What’s My Age Again?” Nearly three decades since its founding in 1992, Blink-182 has released seven studio albums, selling over 50 million records worldwide.

With a new Blink-182 album coming out this summer in addition to releasing an EP on March 29 for his new duo with Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low called Simple Creatures, Hoppus sat down with The Daily Princetonian after giving a talk at Berlind Theatre on Monday night to discuss his career, musical inspirations, and rapid-fire impressions of his own work.