Tom DeLonge and Angels And Airwaves in "The Expedition: Mars 2030"

Why is it important to go to #Mars? This is the question we tackle in our new #documentary and #VR experience, "The Expedition: Mars 2030" produced in collaboration with @nasa. We speak to thought leaders and influencers throughout the space industry about humanity's desire and need to explore the unknown. Travel with us #tothestars ✨🚀⚡ Original music by @angelsandairwaves and original score by @julioreyesmusic.
Exclusive premiere December 16th on our #AppleTV app 👍🏽 #NASA #Mars2030 🎥 by @gerrymtz @fusion.vr

More than 40 years after the moon landing, NASA is getting ready for the next giant leap for humankind. The first planned mission to Mars is set for the year 2030. Before we get there, Fusion and NASA want to give you a glimpse of what it will take to make the trip. In ‘The Expedition: Mars 2030,’ you’ll meet the scientists, engineers, and thinkers grappling with the technical challenges on how to get there and with the philosophical questions on why we should make the trip.

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