Tom Delonge Talks UFO Video Release and 'the Best Record' of His Life

Tom DeLonge joined RADIO.COM for an exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live, answering questions from fans from around the world, live from the comfort of his own home. Luckily, Tom has studio space in his house, and he's finishing up the Angles & Airwaves album that's been in the works for a year.

He also talks about the DoD's release of UFO videos. DeLonge’s To The Stars Academy has been instrumental in the release of these videos, a long process that he thanked everyone for after the news broke.


Rock Sound Video Call: Tom DeLonge On Angels & Airwaves Album, Box Car Racer & Playing Blink-182 Songs Live

Tom DeLonge spoke to us over Zoom from his California home to chat through his new music with Angels & Airwaves including recent singles 'All That's Left Is Love' and 'Kiss And Tell'. Plus, he tells us why he believes their upcoming new album, due out later in 2020, includes some of the best music he has ever written, from hard punk sounds to soaring synth melodies. Elsewhere, we chat about the possibility of a comeback for his Box Car Racer project with Travis Barker. Finally, he talks returning to the live stage for a huge US tour last year and why he chose to include the Blink-182 classic 'Aliens Exist' in the setlist.


Ilan Rubin: "Tom DeLonge called me because he wanted somebody in Angels And Airwaves who can write music"

It seems like Angels & Airwaves was the first time you played other instruments on a record and were involved in the songwriting process. How did that come about?
Tom [DeLonge] and I had a mutual acquaintance. When [drummer] Atom Willard left the band my name was mentioned and we were put in touch. I met him and met the other guys and everyone was a pleasure to hang out with and it was the first time I’d been with a band from San Diego in six or seven years and it just seemed like something pretty fun to do.

I remember a very specific conversation with Tom where I told him, ‘Just because I have my own solo music, I don’t want you to think I’m going to get in there and pick up the guitar and try to write the songs.’ I’m very well versed in being the drummer and just playing the drums. And he said, ‘No, that’s why I’m calling you specifically because I want somebody who can write music and help push me out of what I’ve been doing for a while.’ It was a very specific and calculated choice.

Then when he decided he didn’t want to tour anymore - which nobody really saw coming, but he’s that impulsive, you never know what he’s going to do from one day to the next - the only choice left was to do The Dream Walker. He decided that the band was just going to be him and myself and we got together whenever Blink-182 and Nine Inch Nails were on breaks and we were both in town. It took way too long, but that was me and him writing everything and me playing everything with the exception of lead vocals.