Electric Taco: Episode 13 with Travis Barker

And we're back with Electric Taco: Season 2... Kicking off 2017 strong with Travis Barker! The uber talented drummer touches on everything from how he got his start in Blink-182 to Veganism and how he balances his busy career and being a dad.


Travis Barker talks about his and blink-182's 2016

After false starts, soap opera twists and a lot of questions, Blink-182 finally put out a new album this year, which was a surprise in itself. What’s more surprising, however, is how great ‘California’ is. More than a legacy act churning out some of the same, the record is cohesive, true to the form of old but still takes it someplace new. Self-aware without trying too hard, it balances reckless abandon with heartfelt care. If you ever wondered what a Blink-182 record in 2016 was going to sound like, ‘California’ is all your hopes coming true. It’s a feeling shared by the band, as Travis Barker explains.

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Blink-182’s Travis Barker Threatens YouTuber Who Mocked Daughter

YouTuber RiceGum mocked the 10-year old daughter of Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker in a video on YouTube yesterday, poking fun at the girl’s Instagram posts and her appearance in many of them. Barker was understandably furious when he discovered the video, writing on Instagram, “This lame is bout to take the biggest fuckin L in history. I’ll make sure to video tape it so he can post it on his YouTube. Any leads on where this #pedafile lives please DM me.” Barker then had the video removed from YouTube, leading to RiceGum making further comments on Twitter [..] along with tweets from Barker’s ex-wife Shanna Moakler.