Mark Hoppus talks about Enema Of The State fun facts

Thanks to PaperIcarus on Reddit, here you are the recap of Mark Hoppus’ Instagram Live for Enema Of The State 20th anniversary.

  • All The Small Things was originally going to be called “Babycakes Buttermuffin” because of an inside joke Tom DeLonge had with himself. What’s My Age Again? was originally going to be called “Peter Pan Complex” but this was thought to be too confusing for listeners due to the lyrics not mentioning the title.
  • Mark Hoppus’ current favorite Enema Of The State song is Don’t Leave Me.
  • His only regret with recording Enema Of The State is wishing he had sung the second verse on Going Away To College a little differently.
  • Man Overboard was cut from the album because Jerry Finn thought it would be a flop.
  • Mark Hoppus mentioned “not being able to make new announcements until the start of the week.” It’s possible that something else is coming but can’t be announced until Monday.
  • When asked if they would play Enema Of The State shows on the tour, Mark Hoppus mimed zipping his lips.
  • The new album is currently in the mixing stage. It will have 10-15 songs and the title is still being decided on. It will be released sometime this summer.

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