Tom DeLonge talks about his face twitches

dysenteryshawn: Wtf is up with your face twitches? MK Ultra gone wrong? 😂😂😂 But for real I’ve seen some concern over it and I’m curious!

aquana182: @dysenteryshawn dude it's really not polite to ask that. (But it's most likely an after effect from the painkillers, they are known to mess with those nerves)

Tom DeLonge: @aquana182 Haha. This made me laugh. It’s ear fatigue, so I am consistently trying to pop my ears during show to hear high frequencies. But I love that u think I am a meth head.


Tom DeLonge on META Volume 014

At this point in DeLonge’s life, it is hard to keep track of everything he has going on. It would seem as though everything he has done up to now has been preparing him for his most recent ventures. To anyone else, his ambitions may seem crazy and far-fetched. But to DeLonge, he is just a kid from the suburbs who dreamed of going to the stars.