Alex Gaskarth and Mark Hoppus are working on new Simple Creatures material while in lockdown

Will there be any more music from Simple Creatures?
Absolutely. We’re already working on potential quarantine music while we’re all on lockdown. He’s in Idaho – he escaped while he still could – and I’m stuck home in Maryland, so we won’t be doing it in person but we’re sending ideas back and forth and we’re always talking about what the next steps are for Simple Creatures. It’s in the works.

Simple Creatures Good Things Festival 2019 Interview with Wall Of Sound

Not gonna lie, this was a career-defining moment for Wall of Sound... Getting the chance to sit down and chat with one of pop punk’s most influential frontmen was a dream come true, but it happened when Mark Hoppus (you know, of fucking blink-182, +44 and now Simple Creatures fame) stopped by our booth at Good Things Festival in Brisbane. Joined by former-fanboy-turned-bandmate Alex Gaskarth, the pair spoke with our very own fanatic Paul ‘Browny’ Brown about their new project’s future plans, winning over new audiences, crazy fanboy moments/experiences and a few surprises!