Tom DeLonge journal #5

I took a few days off to get a breath......i am in Santa Barbara enjoying the silence.....David went to Palm Springs, Atom moved into a new house and Ryan went to a few concerts....we have been getting everything ready for a December 13th launch....a song on itunes, with merchandise store, and a trailer for the movie that will download with the song for your new ipod.....i am making a part of our website to have limited edition merchandise, extra songs, preview of the record, streaming concerts, free music, exclusive will cost a yearly subscription of about 20 bucks, but you will get a free t-shirt and a poster designed by the artist from Star Wars.....unless you are a pussy and too scared to join the future....I am so excited for you and for us....i felt a little down this past addiction to music left, with all the changes in my life I was quite lost for a few monthes. But something I learned was to connect the dots as to how you ended up where you are, and the one thing that hasn't happened yet is the future.....I layed there one night and imagined the most brilliant day, all that was left.... was for me to make it.....the best way for me to share that with you is for you to get lost as well...but in my head, and in our music.....if you can imagine golden sunsets, with spinning planets, and a shower of stars, that is our movie.....if you can feel excited, strong and heroic....that is the music......what you do with it is up to you.......Angels and Airwaves

- Tom DeLonge

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