Tom DeLonge: "We are going to tour. So the ethereal return of Angels And Airwaves will be here next summer"

He’s good, pal. Thanks for asking. Life is good, lots of changes, lots of stress at work (good stress). We have some MAJOR progress with multiple Governments of the world and it looks like all my Aerospace hopes will be achieved in due time. World changing stuff. Movies and TV are an everyday thing, so it’s all coming. Angels is off to a great start, recording is bringing back a part of me that I missed. We are going to tour, it’s already planned and on the books. So the ethereal return of AVA will be here next summer. But as for me, life changes and ambitions to change the world are front and center. And the meetings I am in and the Government partnerships To The Stars Academy has made are absolutely unreal. UFOs my friend—you all better be sitting down.

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