Matt Skiba: "We have a bunch of great stuff written with John Feldmann for the new blink-182 album"

Matt, what can you share about Blink-182’s next album?
We've been working in the studio. What is going to happen is sort of up for grabs -- yet to be determined. As far as the studio stuff, we have a bunch of great stuff written with [producer and co-writer] John Feldmann that we've been working on. So I am not quite sure how or when we’re going to go about finishing that. [Drummer] Travis [Barker] has been dealing with blood clots in his arms, and I've been unable to play, so I think we’re gonna go out and play these [Blink-182] shows we have coming up [later in Sept. 2018]. We’ll see how that goes, and from there we’ll determine how we’ll go about finishing this album. [Editor's note: Blink-182 has since been forced to cancel these performances due to Barker's extended recovery.]
Do you have any idea when fans might hear new music?
I don’t, honestly. If I did, I would've told ya.

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