Eric Melvin: "There might be a blink-182 and NOFX run of shows"

Well speaking of money, I read somewhere you guys turned down $1 million to tour in support of Blink-182?
Eric Melvin: Oh that’s a funny story.
Sarah: We’re friends with them now. I really like Tom’s wife Jen, she’s like my special friend, she’s rad.
EM: I mean we were good friends with them even then, at the time. We talked again recently, but it was about craft beer festivals that are only on weekends. We as a band decided that we wanted to keep doing shows but we don’t want to go out for like two or three or four week tours anymore, we’d rather do two or three day weekends, like do two or three nights in a row then that’s it, go home for the week, see if we could do that in the spring... we’d be able to tour like that, I could tour like that, and I kind of got to do it but he’s trying to tell me to talk about setting something up [inaudible] next year there might be a NOFX and a Blink [inaudible] I hoping there’s a massive rumour that makes it happen.
You just said, “There might be a Blink and NOFX,” and then the phone dropped out, so you know, I could totally just run with that.
EM: Right right yeah just run with that yeah. I love that. Don’t forget Tom [inaudible] it’s not! I didn’t say tour either. Or did I? I did say weekend shows.
So we’ll just put it out there that next year there might be a Blink and NOFX “run of shows” and it’ll probably be in America and everyone in Australia will be like, WTF?
EM: Sometime soon there might be a NOFX and Blink [inaudible]. I don’t know how you’re going to print that — “Eric Melvin actually said the words.”
We can run with that, you know, media — we’re supposed to just run with things, aren’t we?
There we go. There we go let’s do that.
And you’ll totally bring Blink-182 with you, right?
EM: With just Eric Melvin... maybe just Tom DeLonge. Ooh I like that, yeah, now we’re talking.
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