Travis Barker: "blink-182's playing a couple shows right after Musink 2018 and then we'll be right back in the studio recording again"

Saturday has your group Blink-182 headlining. The last time you guys played the festival was 2015. It’s been six months since your last show in the U.S. Was this necessary time off or a good opportunity to play for the home crowd?
Yeah we went so hard last year, we did so much touring. When we got home I think everyone was ready for time off and I had other commitments in studio projects. Now we’re playing a couple shows this year, there will be more announced right after MUSINK and then we’ll be right back in the studio recording again. I can’t wait!
You kind of touched on this earlier saying there’s a new solo project coming out. Do you know roughly when and does it have a title?
I don’t know when and I don’t have a title but it’s coming. I’m just waiting for a couple verses from people. I’m actually waiting for a Kendrick (Lamar) verse right now, which is really important so I’m kind of on Kendrick’s time.

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