Tom DeLonge: "I never meant for blink-182 to ever not be in my life"

Esquire did a interview with Tom DeLonge about Sekret Machines. He also talked about blink-182.

Have you had time to process leaving Blink-182?
I reflect on it all the time. I love Blink. I started that band. I named the band. I found the members. I put that whole thing together. I never meant for it to be the only thing in my life. I also never meant for it to ever not be in my life. But I am an artist, and I find pleasure in challenging myself to understand and learn, to create new types of art, and prove myself worthy of people’s valued attention and admiration. It’s what any artist desires. So when the challenge isn’t there, then I find myself in a difficult position.
You felt like Blink had run its course.
I feel like it’s our job as artists to compete for people’s attention. That is valuable. With Blink, it was never boring. It never was like we couldn’t challenge ourselves artistically. There’s just a lot of differences in how to be challenged or how to attack the challenge. There’s a lot of downtime. And in that downtime, I was always doing other things. I’ve always been that way—always will be that way. A lot of people are satisfied with just having that one thing in their life their entire life—and I envy them, by the way. I wish I was wired that way because it would make my life and relationships much easier. But I don’t get off that way. I’m wired to really challenge my mind.
Though I imagine music will always be a huge part of your life in some capacity.
I love music. I love the challenge of creating new forms of it. I think if people listen to my last Angels and Airwaves record, The Dream Walker, it’s the best music I’ve ever made it my life. And the most complex. And the most mature. It’s up there with the best couple things I’ve done in my life as far as music goes. I’m still trying to do my best work, but the cool thing is I don’t have to see music as a job. And that’s what I don’t want it to be. I just don’t want to do something I care about as a means to an end. I want to do it because it’s bringing me joy.

Check out @tomdelonge&rsquo;s interview with @esquire, and get ready for #sekretmachines #chasingshadows release TOMORROW!<br />.<br />.<br />#tomdelonge<br />#newrelease<br />#angelsandairwaves

Check out @tomdelonge’s interview with @esquire, and get ready for #sekretmachines #chasingshadows release TOMORROW!

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