Mark Hoppus: "Now it's time for studio and music"

no traveling in my near future. i just got back from holiday overseas and now it's time for studio and music. half past time for studio and music, actually.

I guess there's been some discussion on basses that I had and still have?

1st bass ever: Mako bass, black. Currently in the Fender museum.
2nd bass ever: 1985 Fender P-Bass, black. (all early demos and cheshire cat) Have it still.

The others that I still have:
Ernie Ball Musicman, green (live, some of enema of the state)
Fender Bass VI guitar blond (used on untitled)
Fender Bass VI blue (pepsi live performance)
Fender Duo Sonic (gift from Jerry Finn, has unicorn carved in it)
Fender Esquire blond (clean guitar on +44 and neighborhoods)
Fender Jaguar bass white X2 (used at shows with Skiba)
Fender Jazzmaster blond (main guitar in +44, some neighborhoods)
Fender Kingman Acoustic bass X2 (live acoustic bass)
Fender MH Bass hot pink (live)
Fender MH bass candy apple red w fish inlays that i drew (live)
Fender MH bass hot pink w skull inlays that i drew. i believe this is the first pink MH bass. custom color, from paint Fender found in an old closet (live)
Fender MH bass pink plaid (live)
Fender MH bass, now grey. The original prototype MH bass which i foolishly played live and then, not realising it was the prototype, threw into the water at Jones Beach. it was then fished out by the local police.
sorry, this typing is taking too long. other Fender MH basses used live: white, blond, sunburst, black w black pickguard, white w black pick guard, sunburst again, blond w tortoise shell pickguard, natural w octopus hand drawing, white w smiley face inlays, pink again.
Live Precision basses: sonic blue, lake placid blue
Taylor 714-CE acoustic guitar (i miss you)
Taylor AB-1 acoustic bass (i miss you)

The best: Fender precision bass sunburst “Petey” (enema of the state) and Fender MH bass surf green “Lettuce” (everything since enema)

Those we lost: Ernie Ball basses (black-given away don't know to whom) (powder blue-given to chris holmes)
Fender MH basses (black-given away in SF (makes me sad, this was a great sounding bass))(hot pink camoflage-given to chris holmes)(white-broken, thrown away)(white w chase tafoya art: raffled off at the fast life)

if there are others i forgot, please let me know.


travis, matt, and i are heading into the studio to continue writing songs in the next few days. there are already a couple of ideas working from before i left for the summer. lots more to come in the future. it may take some time, but it begins now.

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