Matt Skiba talks his future with blink-182 on Radio 92.9

Skiba tells us that for now he's waiting to hear what more the remaining two members would like him to do with blink:

"There's loose talk about doing some more blink stuff. I don't know how certain that is...There's a lot of things that have to happen before we can make any solid plans or any solid statement. I don't really know what the status is, so, yeah, I guess in a sense it is loosey, but we are hopeful to do more stuff in the future. How soon that's gonna be, I don't know."

Skiba did tell us that he had a good time playing with blink:

"The experience was really great. We clicked. We had a really great time together. I've know the blink guys for 15 some odd years, so we were already friends but we'd never played music together, and then it really clicked. I mean, it went really well and the shows went really well. Fans are really happy. There's, I'm sure, some disgruntled fans, but it seems the majority of people were really impressed with what we put together."

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