Fun facts about "The Wolfpack" music videos

A handful of fun facts about The Wolfpack Music Video

A handful of fun facts about The Wolfpack Music Video:

-Our total budget was only $5k!

-The main actor, August Roads, who plays a live-action version of Poet Anderson in the video also played Poet's part in the Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker animated short film.

-Most of our film crew came from a local film school in San Diego.

-We shot the bar scene at the historic Daley Double Saloon on California's coast Highway 101 in Encinitas where our friend and professional skateboarder, Adrian Lopez, is a partner.

-The bedroom scene was shot in a small corner of the flagship Macbeth store just blocks down the street from the Saloon.

-In the scene where Poet drops the bike and runs down the street, it was not planned, but the bike immediately broke when he tried to ride it because it was so old, so he had to improvise.

-Mark Eaton, the director, has been the bands video producer since our first documentary Start The Machine in 2005 and went to Poway High School with Tom.

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