Tom DeLonge on Blink-182's 'Awkward' Reunion, Travis Barker's Plane Crash and the Fun and Games of Angels and Airwaves

Since the beginning of his music career, Tom DeLonge has maintained eternal youth and rebellion through his punk powerhouse Blink-182. But when the band collapsed and announced an indefinite hiatus in 2005, the guitarist was left searching for a brand-new avenue -- a bigger picture. Angels and Airwaves have been DeLonge's main focus for several years. While the band has grown to considerable heights, DeLonge has slowly changed his adolescent ways and adopted a more philosophic lifestyle, writing about the universe and its infinite mysteries.

But now Blink -- the band that made him, the band that launched three budding rock stars from the MTV generation -- have returned. Without much thought, DeLonge has thrown himself back into the mix, but this time with a much more responsible and stoic demeanor that is featured on their newest full-length, 'Neighborhoods.'

At the same time, Angels and Airwaves released their much-anticipated 'Love Pt. 2' and an accompanying sci-fi film. DeLonge has accomplished more in one year than most rockers do in a decade. Spinner recently spoke to the singer about his battle with anxiety, Blink-182's awkward reunion and the why the 36-year-old still likes to "get drunk and break things."

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