Blink-182: 'It's Not A Side Project. Blink Is Our Priority As A Band'

It has been eight years since blink-182 recorded their last self-titled record. Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker went their separate ways and worked on individual projects. DeLonge pursued his Angels & Airwaves band while Hoppus became a host for a music television show and got into producing bands. Barker guested on a lot different people’s albums and almost tragically was killed in a plane crash. But everybody survived and now the band are back together and about to release a new album due in late July/early August. They are about to go out on tour with My Chemical Romance and there is much to talk about. Here in a teleconference, Hoppus and DeLonge talked about where the band has been and where they’re going. Click here to read the full interview on

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