Tom DeLonge: "We are going to tour. So the ethereal return of Angels And Airwaves will be here next summer"

He’s good, pal. Thanks for asking. Life is good, lots of changes, lots of stress at work (good stress). We have some MAJOR progress with multiple Governments of the world and it looks like all my Aerospace hopes will be achieved in due time. World changing stuff. Movies and TV are an everyday thing, so it’s all coming. Angels is off to a great start, recording is bringing back a part of me that I missed. We are going to tour, it’s already planned and on the books. So the ethereal return of AVA will be here next summer. But as for me, life changes and ambitions to change the world are front and center. And the meetings I am in and the Government partnerships To The Stars Academy has made are absolutely unreal. UFOs my friend—you all better be sitting down.


Mark Hoppus shows the lyrics of a new blink-182 song


To The Stars Academy presents The ADAM Research Project

The ADAM Research Project, an acronym for Acquisition & Data Analysis of Materials, will focus on the collection and scientific evaluation of material samples obtained through reliable reports of advanced aerospace vehicles of unknown origin.


Matt Skiba talks about blink-182 and the "goth kid" Mark Hoppus

Matt, you initially signed up as a touring member, right? How did you become a full-time Blink member?
I signed on to do a show. Travis [Barker] has an annual festival called Musink — it’s in Orange County, and it being Travis’ festival and having Blink play was a big deal, but they lost a member [Tom DeLonge] right before this festival. I did not sign on as a touring member initially — it was discussed that we would possibly record, possibly tour, but let’s see how this show goes. We ended up adding two more shows, and then shortly thereafter going to the studio and recording with the band. So it happened pretty quickly that I was signed on as a full-time member. It happened in a short period of time, if not immediately.
The most recent Blink record, California, seemed to have a subtle Alkaline Trio influence — like that Bauhaus moment in “She’s Out of Her Mind.” Was that you?
You wanna know something funny? Mark wrote that line. Mark is a big goth kid on the inside. He’s a big fan of Bauhaus, the Cure.
Blink-182 did that song with Robert Smith in 2003, so it’s not too much of a stretch!
You know, Blink wasn’t something I immediately fell in love with — but Enema of the State just hooked me in. It was a really fun record for me to listen to, and all of a sudden I became this huge Blink fan. [Producer] Jerry Finn brought out the best of that band, and I think he helped to bring that goth kid out. As more Blink records came along, I feel like they got less silly and more about death and divorce and depression, and things that actually affect people’s lives.