"Up All Night" might not be played on tour

Mark Hoppus did an interview with LasVegasSun.com.
Is Blink 182 recording a new album right now?
We’re not. We started recording a new album and we plan on recording a new album, but we are in tour mode right now. So, we’ll be writing it on the road and we’ll be bringing stuff on the road, but we’re not actually in the recording process anymore. We stopped down the recording process to get ready for tour.


When you’re putting together the set list for this tour is it primarily your biggest hits or are you mixing new stuff in there?
We were going to mix in a new song; I don’t know if we are anymore. I think we’re really going to concentrate on the songs people know already and get back in the studio when we get back home and start working on new stuff again. This tour is really about us coming back together as a band. Then when we get back home we’ll take the next step forward. We’re not going to hit people with a bunch of new songs they don’t know. I hate that when I go to concerts.

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