Interview with blink-182 in Rolling Stone

"When Blink-182 broke up in 2005, they were sick of fame. "The giant vehicle of the band was determining everything," says bassist Mark Hoppus. "It sounds cheesy, but we needed to take time to find ourselves."

After drummer Travis Barker was injured in a plane crash in September, guitarist-singer Tom DeLonge - who had been estranged from his band-mates since abruptly quitting - reached out.

"I put the bullshit aside and wrote him a letter," DeLonge says. "There was no big talk; after a couple of phone calls, things were back to normal."

Now the trio are in the early stages of recording their self-produced sixth album. "We're talking about using analog keyboards from the Sixties," says DeLonge, who fronted emo-rock band Angels and Airwaves after leaving Blink. (Barker and Hoppus released one album as +44.) "Le persone saranno soffiate via."
- Rolling Stone #1073

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