Making the Video Game: Madden NFL 2004

Making the Video Game: Madden NFL 2004
Tomorrow MTV/MTV2 will begin airing "Madden NFL 2004: The Making of the Game" featuring amazing footage of various bands including The Roots & blink-182 talking about Madden and their contribution to the featured music in the game. Game hits the stores 8/14.
The Roots song featured in the game is "Rock You" (exclusive NFL remix) and the new blink-182 song is called "Action" which will be included in the upcoming new album.
The air times are listed below.
08/06/03 06:30 PM Wednesday
08/08/03 10:30 AM Friday
08/10/03 08:30 AM Sunday
08/13/03 02:30 AM Wednesday
08/10/03 11:00 PM Sunday
08/11/03 11:00 PM Monday
08/12/03 04:30 PM Tuesday
08/14/03 01:30 AM Thursday
Click here to see a sneak preview...

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