When I Was Young

I woke up today, surrounded by blackness.
This small morning sun, devoured the process.
It’s always been fun, when I get a bit nervous.
And it’s hard to say, but I feel a bit weightless.
The more I admit, I feel a bit anxious.
The more I go on, the less I can face this.
And those rotten things that live in our shadow,
We walk on the line of death and the gallows,
And hope that we clear a path we can follow.

It’s the worst damn day, of my life.
It doesn’t hurt that much.
I made a mess today, but I’m alright.
It doesn’t hurt that much.

When I was young, the world, it was smaller.
The cities were vast, the buildings were taller.
I felt really strong, my parents seemed stronger.
But life has a way, it showers with greatness,
Then takes it away, those pieces that made us,
Then teaches you things you never imagined.
We all get the same, the memories, the burdens,
The pictures we made, they still form a pattern.
They cautiously say, “Does it all matter?”