I know I messed up and it might be over
But let me call you when I’m sober
I’m a dandelion
You’re a four-leaf clover
But let me call you when I’m sober

I woke up in the pouring rain
West Side Humboldt 7am
Sleeping by a dumpster to keep me dry
With the radio on and a new black eye
Because I bet you couldn’t knock me out
And I guess you really got me now
Black Sedan ran a red light
Just a drunken bike messenger on Tuesday night

She undressed and we stumbled downstairs
Fell onto the table as the neighbors just stared
We laughed out loud and smashed their lights
Digging with our hands in the dirt outside
And she dragged me to the edge of town
And she slapped me then she pulled me down
I can do bad and you can do better
Spending all night getting lost together