I don’t believe that we were ever meant to be left underneath the light of dying stars
Push me off the edge of the world
Watch me as I slowly fall apart
Set fire to the roof of your house and waited for the sirens to wail
Left your favorite records to melt
Listened as you damned me to hell

Angel wings at the bus stop
Halos left on top of the bar
Heaven doesn’t want me now
Heaven doesn’t want me

What did I think would happen
I wouldn’t dream of asking
You waited here for me so long
I lived in fear that you moved on
What have I done to us it seems
I’ve broken trust and shattered dreams
I only wish I’d spoken of
The loneliness since we broke up

Say a prayer that you’ll make it to the other side
It won’t make no sense and you’ll lose your mind
We’re lost in our ways
Nothing left to say
Make a wish that you’ll get a chance to say goodbye
Before the shots ring out in the dead of night
We’re stuck in our ways
I got so much to say
Showed up like shadows in this crowd
Brought the fire blinding
Came here to quickly tear us down