Happy Days

Hey kid, don’t quit your daydream yet
I know you feel locked out in the cold
Seems like you’re lost and alone
Hey kid, don’t listen to your head
It only fills you with dread and with doubt
Left looking for an easy way out
I know you don’t know
Oh no you don’t know

I wanna feel happy days
Walls of isolation inside of my pain
And I don’t know if I’m ready to change
I wanna feel happy days
All of this frustration inside of my brain
And I don’t know if I’m ready to change

Some nights you call for the jaws of life
To pull you out of the crash
A forgotten ghost from your past
When enough doesn’t cut it
When you’re backed up against a wall
Is it the life that you wanted
When you could never have it all

Face down in the deep end
Face down every weekend
Face down and I’m bleeding
There’s no sound when you’re leaving
We faced all of our demons
We chased all of our dreams and
We don’t know where it leads us
We don’t care at all