Ghost On The Dance Floor

I'll never let you down boy, I'll never let you go
Her subtle hint of life is so innocent and scary

So tell me that you're here boy, she says as if she knows
When God took her with time, God made me quite alone

It's like the universe has left me, without a place go
Without a hint of light, to watch the movement glow

When our song was slowly starting, your memory felt so real
At first against my will, but God invented chills

Yeah I, I saw your ghost tonight, the moment felt so real
If your eyes stay right on mine, my wounds would start to heal

The kids are in a hurry and I'm just full of fear
The lights make bodies blurry, it's getting hard enough to hear
It's like the evidence is cared for, and evidently clear
If I never leave this dance floor, I'll never leave you here

I felt your ghost tonight, and God it felt like hell
To know you're almost mine, but dreams are all I feel.

Yeah I, I saw your ghost tonight, it fucking hurt like hell.
I felt you here tonight, but dreams can't all be real