Dogs Eating Dogs

I’ve got a feeling, I’ve got a feeling,
These broken nights and bitter ends.
We will always starve and devour,
Our closest friends, my beautiful friends.
Paranoia, my paranoia,
Can’t let it go. It never lets me go.
What am I feeling, why am I feeling?
We’re cast into the freezing cold.

Dogs eating dogs.
Dogs eating dogs.
Dogs eating dogs.

I’m the last, and the first, in a very sad set of eyes.
To the bone, to the knees, to the factory line.
I am numb to the shot. I have a crippling fear of heights.
‘Cause the fall sounds a lot, like a symphony cries.

The only hope is burning down a chapel,
Or getting washed out with the tide.
We need to find some middle ground,
It’s always sex or suicide.