Blame It On My Youth

I wasn’t born with the rich blood
I started out with plenty of nothing at all
I got stuck in the thick mud
The flash flood, punk rock, and the alcohol
I was raised on a rerun
I was bored to death so I started a band
Cut my teeth on a safety dance
My attention span never stood a chance

It’s too late, can you forgive me now?

You could never kill my high
I’m the ink and you’re the headline
Blaming it on my youth
You could never block my shine
I’ve been lost since 1999
Blaming it on my youth

I wasn’t made for the good life
I ended up getting stuck on the side of the road
I tripped and fell on hard times
Tough breaks are the only kind I know
I was left on a doorstep
I was scared to death with nowhere to go
Cut myself on the neighbor’s fence
That I hopped as the cops tried to take me in

I was raised on the Ritalin
Ever since I was a little kid
No one ever seemed to give a shit
And I don’t need an excuse

Endless summer stretching on and on