Teenagers & Rituals

Lightning cross the way, no
I can’t rest, Been up for weeks
The words they come in close
They gotta a nerve that never sleeps, for me

I say, I wait in rooms of gold
And crawl down to my knees
A liar, a thief and a coward a crime
I laugh my head clean off at the sight

Pull em in close, Drop into the fight
Light that shit up like the Fourth of July

Lonely, cat-like master
Drive me. Take me faster
Eye-that, side back-alley
Add to the score
Join in the war rally

I can’t recite the names
Or events that come to me
The blur of times and dates
That a drink or two, or three, will leave

I walk these streets of gold
And the smell grows on my feet
I cross and slide through a land of mines
I await the gag and my skin to bleed